Monday, July 1, 2013

Plastic Bottle (Autodesk Inventor 2012)


Plastic Bottle (Autodesk Inventor 2012)

Watch this model in 3D environment without having the Autodesk Inventor software:---

Get the finished file of this model by visiting the following link:---



Click the following link to get the model file: -



Watch the full modeling process of the model below

This model has been taken by the book Autodesk Inventor Essential. Re-modeling and rendering is done by us.We recommend to read the book for better understanding the video and learning the Autodesk Inventor Software. Visit the following link to know more about the book---


Click to open large image By watching the video the viewers will see the application of following features/tools of Autodesk Inventor:--

Extrude (surface/solid), Face draft, Edge Fillet and it’s tab (Constant tab,Variable tab,Setbacks), Face fillet, Full round fillets,Replace face, Mirror (mirror solid option), Shell, Coil, Revolve (Using Open Profiles), Cross Section Analysis etc.